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The CTF Guide is an open source project dedicated to cataloging and creating resources on Capture the Flag challenges. The initiatives mission is to promote Capture the Flag events, culture, and prevalence across multidisciplinary domains; teach others how to get started, stay involved, and organize competitions; and gain insights on how Capture the Flag competitions can increase awareness on information security, teach hands-on offensive and defensive cyber security skills, and provide a gateway to a career in information security.

Whether you are a seasoned information security professional, an academic, a student, or just curious about CTF's, this repository is designed to contain useful information for all ages and skill levels. The project is hosted on Github, and is available for use under the MIT license. If you are interested in adding material to The CTF Guide, you can open a pull request for the project here.

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The guide is broken down into groups several groups. You can use the left side navigation bar to find the content you're looking for, select the featured categories below, or search for any term using the search field in the upper right corner.

What is CTF