Who is CTFGuide.org

About the organizers of the project


The CTF Guide is a passion project established and organized by Tyler Butler and started in 2020. As an information security technology professional, I am passionate about many things, but high on the list is helping others by open-sourcing the information I have earned in my own personal infosec journey. CTFs are an extraordinary way to learn hands on cyber security topics, and provide a great platform for novice and experienced players to level up their skills. I started playing VulnHub Boot 2 Root CTF's as an undergraduate cyber security student at Penn State several years ago. Not having a background in offensive cyber, I relied heavily on reading write-ups by others to learn how to solve challenges. In the process, I learned not only hands-on information security skills, but that the infosec community is full of great people who want to help others in along their journey.

As you may have noticed, The CTF Guide is currently hosted as a subdomain to my portfolio website at ctfguide.tylerbutler.io. As part of the roadmap for this project, The CTF Guide will eventually be moved to CTFGuide.org where it can better fit its purpose as a community driven, volunteer-powered website to serve the greater Capture the Flag community.


If you are interested in learning more about the project, or contributing to the documentation you see here, please send an email to contact@ctfguide.org. As the project in hosted on GitHub, feel free to fork your own branch and make a pull request for updates and changes. If there is a particular topic you feel this project should cover, or you think we are missing resources, you can leave a pull an issue on the Github project page.